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A Story of Wheel ,The wheel which is the humanity’s first known invention, has an indispensable place in humanlife as “ wheeled vehicles “. Wheel and its other equipments, that makes human life easier,are developing at a great pace according to technologyUmit Jant was founded in Konya where is Turkey’s capital of agriculture. We are proud toserve to farmers and manufacturers according to our R&D activities since 30 years.We are producing rims slim new generation of pneumatic drills, load bearing wheels andheavy processing machines and also optional custom truck wheels. Moreover, we are increasingthe diversity according to innovations in agriculturel machines and manufacturer’s requests.Our production product range includes 8 “ - 44” in diameter , ranging from tractors sprayingwheels and broad-based tubless 400 “ - 60 “ - 15.5 “ tires for the new generation.We are second generation of this company and stillproducing with the excitement like wehad the first day of foundation.
The first Bandag plant in Turkey founded in 1974,then in 1995 has continued to operate under the title of Marmara Lastik. Instead of production of new tires Marmara Lastik fully implements the Bandag quality standard to reatread old tires which benefits the customers with up to 60% savings of their tire budget. This Eco-friendly company with the staff of 75 people carries out an annual 32,000 tire retreads. With years of experience, quality of service and following closely the development in technology , with 8 distribution vehicles, 3 fully equipped service trucks and three fully-equipped tire workshops has a 20% market share of the Mediterranean region, has a 30% market share in the Marmara region. Marmara lastik is on of the leading companies in this sector, variety of products, continuity of varieties and the most important with his eco-friendly policy the customers are guaranteed to give the best price and quality.
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“Our company is supplier and exporter of tractor parts, tractor tires, tractor tyres, heavy construction equipment tires, heavy construction tyres, truck tires, truck tyres, tyres for trucks, tires for trucks, radial tractor tires, radial tractor tyres, trailer tyres, trailer tires, harvester tires, harvester tyres, panzer tyres, panzer tires, forklift tires, forklift tyres... We will be glad to be your reliable and regular supplier for your requirements.”

We produce only wheel balancing mass parts for every kind of vehicles like bus, truck, car, lorry, trailer, long vehicles. At the same time we are supplier of MERCEDES, MAN, OPEL, OTOYOL-IVECO and BMC.

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Our company was established in 1947 by Adil Ozsaygili in Gaziantep in Anatolia and became one of the leading company of tire sales and service in the region. To improve himself and the company he realized his big service dream by moving the company to old London Asphalt in Istanbul Topkapi in 1971 with a radical decision. The company continued its service as Gaziantepli Tie Rod and Balance Tire Service with second and third generation within the years. For 41 years with the most modern technological machines and equipments and professional staff the company succeeded to become the distributorship and dealership of leading companies in the sector and continues to give its services with honor and success.
THE MOST ADVANTAGE SOLUTION IN YOUR ALL TYPES OF VEHICLES AND FORKLIFT RUBBIES Nubes Otomotiv operates as a main dealership and import and export company with all kinds of vehicles based in Istanbul a